A Soapy start

When you buy from Durham Soap Company, you're not just buying some great products, you're buying a whole new experience. From our humble beginnings in rural County Durham, here's how our story began...

Misc Flowers 2

The unique smells of Durham Soap Company are created in the most elegant of surroundings; the garden.

Certainly not the worst place to work!

Durham Soap Company was born in 2018. The aim of the start-up was simply to provide high quality, natural soaps using ingredients that are cruelty-free to the environment and animals. 

In the humble beginnings, the product selection contained only a few soaps; how times would soon change!

The local markets provided a great opportunity for the local public to get to know us.

Market Spread 3

Our range of products was only soaps in the beginning. 


Our appearances at the markets really put us on the map. 

Cocoa and pepermint Lip Balm .png

With popularity and demand growing, the decision was made to extend our range of products.

Lip Balms and Shaving Bars were added!

The expansion of Durham Soap Company was really exciting for us. The new products gave us a chance to share even more great smell and aromas with everyone!

What does the future hold for Durham Soap Company? New partnerships with Juniper Aromatics, and producing our own sensual candles are just a couple of things we're looking forward to!


The future is an exciting prospect for us.

What would you like to see from us next?