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When you buy from Durham Soap Company, you're not just buying luxurious products, you're buying 100% natural products.


My name is Julie and I live and create my products in the rural outskirts of Lanchester Co. Durham. I set up Durham Soap Company in 2018 after I retired from a long career in the NHS.  

Misc Flowers 2

The unique smells of Durham Soap Company are created in the most elegant of surroundings; the garden.

Certainly not the worst place to work!

The aim of the start-up was simply to provide high quality, 100% natural soaps using ingredients that do not harm the enviroment or your skin. All of the ingredients are 100% natural....there are no nasty preservatives such as SLS no palm oil and no plastic  ..all my colours are naturals clays or botanicals and each and every product is perfumed with only pure essential oils .   

 We started selling our products at small local fairs and agricultural shows, we quickly established ourselves in regular Farmers Markets in Hexham, Durham and Lanchester.

At the same time local retailers contacted us to stock our products all interested in our eco-friendly ethics. (Have a look at our stockist page to find an outlet near you ) 

Market Spread 3

Our range of products was only soaps in the beginning. 


Our appearances at the markets really put us on the map. 

Cocoa and pepermint Lip Balm .png

With popularity and demand growing, the decision was made to extend our range of products.

Lip Balms and Shaving Bars were added!

Other products were quickly added to our portfolio as people started to ask if we made other natural good quality plastic free product.



 We created this website to reach more people who are interested in being kind to the enviroment and their skin 

Our sister company, Durham Hare make 2 fantastic shampoos and a great conditioner bar for a range of hair types. Like us, they are working towards getting plastic out of the bathroom.


The future is an exciting prospect for us.

What would you like to see from us next?

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